Wellng LLC / Hypopressives Wellnessgrace provides information on physical and mental conditioning, LOW PRESSURE FITNESS training, health-related tools and a lifestyle that provides comprehensive well-being, with the purpose of helping its clients achieve a physical, emotional, and to maintain excellent habits over time to create healthy lifestyles. All plans, classes, and recommendations are designed to help you achieve better health through LOW PRESSURE FITNESS, lifestyle advice, and self-love.

 I understand that the nutritional recommendations given (if applicable) do not represent a replacement for medications or medical treatments, which I currently have or may have. The objective is to find, through LOW PRESSURE FITNESS, the tools to improve the relationship with the body and achieve comprehensive well-being. I also understand that it is recommended that I work with my doctor or specialist on any health condition that I may have at the time, or may arise.

 WELLNG LLC, Hypopressives Wellnessgrace, is not responsible for medical treatments, diagnoses, or medical prescriptions, before, during, or after coaching, since nutritional and training advice should not be taken as medical criteria.

 All health information shared by the client is confidential, in accordance with the data treatment policies. The use of the photos will be for the exclusive use of WELLNG LLC / Hypopressives Wellnessgrace, and the personal photos will be shared by Hypopressives Wellnessgrace, only for the purpose of showing advances, before and after, without any type of identification of the client, nor any evidence of their face, preserving and respecting the confidentiality of their identity.

 I certify that at the start date of the program, class or session with Hypopressives Wellnessgrace, I am in excellent physical and emotional health to take on the challenges of a new life. I certify that the personalized plan that will be sent to me during the time that I am active in the programs, will be used exclusively for my personal purpose, and I will not be able to share them with third parties, nor forward them digitally, physically, or verbally, nor use of them outside the coaching, neither during nor after having finished the service. Failure to comply with this point can lead to legal sanctions for plagiarism of ideas owned by the author.

I certify that I will give truthful information, respond and follow the steps as described, without the intervention of a third party, and in full power to respond to the instructions.

I am aware that if I do not send requested material, I will not be able to access the developed material. The plans will not be frozen during the duration of the CHALLENGE to which the person signs up and must be paid in full before starting according to the stipulated date.