The Breathing Club

Experience the transformative power of breathwork and hypopressivves with our exclusive Classes, designed specifically with your health and happiness in mind. If you’re on a quest to elevate your wellbeing, enhance your physical training, embrace perfect posture, or seek effective postpartum recovery, this pack is for you. Say goodbye to concerns like waistline worries, unwanted belly bloating, and even urinary incontinence, as you welcome a new era of control and confidence.

Our carefully curated selection aims to not only calm your mind and foster a deeper connection with your body but also to empower you to heal from inside. Whether you’re looking in the mirror and longing to see a fantastic reflection or you’re striving for inner peace and physical resilience, our pack is here to guide you on your journey.

Embrace the opportunity to transform your life, your body, feel amazing, and look incredible. Join us, and let’s embark on this journey of discovery and renewal together with the power of breath.

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey with our exclusive set of four classes, one session per week. 

What's Included?

✅ Four Classes: Dive deep into the realms of breathwork and hypopressive technique with our expert-led sessions, designed to fit seamlessly into your weekly routine.
✅Duration: Each 30-minute class is packed with valuable insights and practical exercises, maximizing your experience in minimal time.
✅ Platform: Join us effortlessly on YouTube.
✅Community Support: Gain exclusive access to our private Facebook group, a space dedicated to fostering connections, sharing experiences, and providing assistance throughout your journey.
✅Language: All classes will be conducted in English, ensuring clear and comprehensive communication.
✅Class Recordings: With access to class recordings, you can catch up or revisit sessions at your leisure.
✅Training Focus: Explore the synergistic effects of breathwork and hypopressives training in our group classes, designed to elevate your physical and mental health.
✅Follow-Up: We’re committed to your growth. Benefit from our follow-up service to track your progress and maximize your development.


Embark on this life-enhancing journey for only

($39 USD)