In accordance with current legislation, CUSTOMERS have at their disposal a 15-day guarantee period from the date of making the first purchase to register on the platform. Therefore, once this period of 15 days has elapsed from the first payment (the day of payment will count as day 1) the CLIENT will not have the right to claim a refund of the payment made or any other subsequent payment that has been made subject to recurring monthly/annual subscription.

If the CUSTOMER, within the 15 days of guarantee, wants to request the return of the product, he must send an email to expressing his desire to unsubscribe and request the reimbursement of said purchased service. Once they have expressed their wish, the support team will contact the CUSTOMER to inform them when the refund will be made.

The refund will be made within an estimated period of 7 business days, becoming effective in 7-15 business days in the card account with which the CUSTOMER has made the payment. The refund will be made from the entire amount of the subscription, subtracting the commission from the payment gateway for said product.